Dash ‘N Splash Rainbow Water Slide


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Get ready to ride the rainbow!

Simply connect it to any standard-sized garden hose, secure it to the ground with the included stakes, switch on the water, and start slidin'.

Start with a dash, land on your stomach, slide faster than a freight train, land smoothly in the cloud cushion - Then, get up and do it all again!

Classic summer fun becomes a magical adventure with the 16-foot Dash 'N Splash Rainbow Water Slide.

Dash 'N Splash Rainbow Water Slide

  • Backyard waterslide designed to look like a giant rainbow
  • Encourages active play, coordination, outdoor play, imaginative play
  • A magical summertime experience
  • 16 feet of slip-slidin' fun
  • Connects to any standard-size garden hose
  • Water sprinklers run along the entire length
  • Slide ends with a cloud cushion
  • Easy to secure with included stakes
  • Includes 16-foot water slide, 2 stakes
  • Detailed instructions included
  • Quality materials - Lasting durability