Electrified Energy Lab

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Scientific Explorer Electrified Energy Lab is a safe, fun and educational make-it-yourself kit that teaches your child about 2 different sources of power - Electricity and Solar. The Electrified Energy Lab contains 28 amazing experiments in a 48-page fun and facts manual that will have your child building their own solar lab, cooking an egg in a solar furnace, making their own battery tester and more. This kit requires (4) "AA" batteries to conduct experiments. Includes a graduation card, thermometer, test tube, heat absorber bag, test tube stand, test tube holder, piece of rubber, solar reflector, magnifying glass, card-board bracket, circuit board base, battery holder, brass strip, 2 light bulbs with holders, switch, 10 long wires, 10 short wires, 2 bulb holder clamps, Morse Code switch, 22 washers, 30 brads, 2 resistors, plastic jar with lid, steel wool, 21 springs and instruction manual.

Recommended for children 8 years of age and older with adult supervision.