Jungle Fabric Activity Cube


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Available in three models.

Early learning has never been more fun!

Suitable for children 3 months and older, the activity cube lends itself to many games! This oh-so-soft cube is comprised of a multitude of textures and jungle-themed activities. This sensory toy is perfectly suited to make it easier for your baby to grab and to stimulate your baby’s senses. It develops the child's dexterity and coordination of movements. The activity cube will soon become a faithful household companion at home and during family trips.

You’ll also find three cubes with supplementary activities. There's something for everyone!

First of all, we offer a cube with a fabric handle. This rattle is comprised of an early-learning toy with small noise-making beads and a flexible ring to easily and safely hang it from a pushchair, car seat or crib… On one face of the cube, a hodgepodge of colourful ribbons intermingle to enable your baby to get a better grip.

A second cube presents a selection of soft textures that will arouse your baby’s curiosity. Toddlers can also recognise and admire themselves in a lovely little mirror. Babies may use a star-shaped teething ring to soothe their little teeth.

The last cube, comprised of multiple textures, hides a small songbird (honking horn) in its pocket to surprise your baby. You will also find a flexible teething ring that easily hangs from anywhere. It will follow the family from place to place.