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Junk Ball T-Bat & Ball Set

Little Kids

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  • Let your toddler learn to pitch and hit like the Pros with the Junk ball t-ball bat and safe foam ball.
  • This bat and ball set is made of plastic making it the perfect starter set to be used in the backyard, at the park, and on the beach. Includes 1 extra large soft foam ball perfect for beginners to practice hand eye coordination all while being extra safe.
  • The bat is designed to be light weight and easy to hold for maximum control. It includes a large highlighted sweet spot letting your child know exactly where to hit the ball for maximum accuracy and distance
  • Let the Junk ball tball bat be your child's perfect introduction into baseball. They will learn to hit and pitch like the Pros in no-time. Once they grasp the rules of the game, your little slugger will be able to Graduate to the Junk ball classic and Junk ball pro bat!