Nerf Super Soaker - Splashmouth


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  • Switch between modes to blast or dump water
  • Blast streams of water or dump all the water at once
  • The tank holds up to 20 fluid ounces (591 milliliters)
  • Dunk it into water to fill the tank!

Nerf Super Soaker water blasters are lean and mean water machines designed to drench the competition. With superior blasting power and high-performance designs, Super Soaker blasters. Flood your opponents to win the water Wars. When you bring a Super Soaker blaster to the water battle, you’re ready to unleash a total deluge of aquatic domination. Out-soak the competition with a full array of high-tech water blasters, from double-strike tidal launchers to high-capacity soaking machines. With the power of Super Soaker water blasters, you can build the ultimate soaking arsenal.