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Pizza Bingo


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Help the pizza maker gather the ingredients to make the best pizza in the Pizza Bingo game!

A fun game that combines a variation of the traditional bingo game with an attractive theme for children.

Be the first to put 1 token on each ingredient in your pizza. When it's your turn, you can either use one of your cards and place a token on the corresponding ingredient on your pizza, or request a specific ingredient card from another player who will have to give it to you if he has it, or play a special card:

Special cards:

  • Pizza Roulette: Draw 3 cards from another player's deck and keep one.
  • Fork: Put a token on another player's pizza and place it on an identical ingredient in your pizza.
  • Italian flag: Put a token on the ingredient of your choice.
  • Pizzaiolo: Replay
  • Includes: 4 pizza bases with 10 ingredients each, 40 ingredient tokens, 4 kitchen tokens, 4 mouth tokens, 16 medals.

4+ years / 2-4 players