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Reusable Puffy Sticker Play Set - Fairy

Melissa & Doug

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When placed on the glossy background panels, the 75 puffy stickers in this durable play set can be overlapped and layered--and still peeled up and switched out for dress-up and storytelling fun. Children can dress the fairies, add wands and accessories, and use them to fill a fairy garden with pretty characters. Then simply lift them up and move them around to tell a story as the fairies move through the scenes.

The pretty colors, timeless patterns, and simple mix-match-and-change process of this sticker dress-up set appeal to all ages. Even fashion-conscious tweens adore the open-ended possibilities for styling and re-styling outfits and accessories, while the simple process of placing, layering, and moving stickers is easy enough for preschoolers to undertake. Coordinating colors and interchangeable designs ensure there is always something new to try on the smiling fairies, so there’s always a reason to peel up, layer on, and explore the fashion possibilities.