Sparkle Magic - Hangry Panda

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Embellish colorful pieces of art using shimmery gemstones with Sparkle Magic Hangry kit! Simply place gemstones onto the adhesive posters to transform your art into a bejeweled master piece. Add the gemstones in fun patterns create dimension and texture. Proudly display your artwork for all to see. Recommended for ages 6 and up.
Create 3D gem art with 4 vibrant and colorful illustrated posters
Apply gemstones in any pattern onto the adhesive boards
Hang and display your artwork for all to see or give as personal gifts
Encourage creativity and originality
Kit Includes: 2 Reversible - 5x7 Art Boards with Spot Adhesives, Loose Gemstones – 1 oz.
Age Range: 6 years & up