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Twinkles Sleepy Time Trainer

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Twinklees Sleepy Time Trainer is a cuddly early learning toy that’s just right for sleepyheads and early risers. Set bedtime and morning times on this soft plush star to show your little one the difference between day and night. At bedtime, the Twinklees light changes from yellow to blue so tots can see when it’s time to sleep. In the morning, early risers can practise waiting until the light turns yellow to get up—because sometimes we all wake up a bit before it’s time to start the day! This cuddly sleep trainer has a friendly light up face, a glowing tummy and a fold down sleep mask for sweet dreams and peaceful mornings. Twinklees Sleepy Time Trainer can help little ones begin to understand their bedtime and wake up routines. Learn all about the difference between day and night with the included Twinklees bedtime storybook.